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william singe lyrics – let me love you

let me love you
baby i just don’t get it, do you enjoy being hurt?
i know you smell the perfume, and the make-up on his shirt.

you don’t believe his stories, you know that their all lies.
bad as you are you stick around and i just don’t know why.
(if i was your man) baby you
(never worry bout) what i do
(or me coming home) back to you
every night doing you right
(you the type of woman) deserves good things
(fist full of diamonds) hair for the brain
(baby your a star) i just wanna show you you are.
you should let me love you, let me be the one to give you, everything you want and need.
ooh baby, good love and protection.
ooh make me your selection, show you the way loves supposed to be
baby you should let me love you
(love you)4x


2 on
give me all that you got now
make you want me ’cause i’m hot now
i’m gone, so faded i’m on one
bang bang, pop off like the shotgun

if you a lame, n-gg- you ain’t making no ice
get faded, turn up with the big guys
live fast, die young that’s my old choice
get money, get money

we can mob all in the whip
make the money make the grip
i be stuntin’ like my clique
getting faded ’til we trip

i love to get on
i love to get 2 on
when the drink be too strong
when the tree be way too strong
get faded, turn up, brah pour it on up
’til i can’t even think no more
get ratchet, go dumb, then go more dumb
then we can keep it lit, let’s roll

i love to get 2 on
(baby do you feel me)
i love to get 2 on
i love to get 2 on
baby you should let me love you


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