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skyblew lyrics – the ballad of freaky fred

freaky, freaky, freaky freaky freaky, freaky, freaky
freaky freaky… wait!
do you dance to the beat of your own tune?
oddball day dreaming in home room?
then this song’s for you, and you and you

(verse 1)
this a story bout fred, live his life unexposed
so there’s something that you don’t know.
could find out if you ask him
girls steady p-ss him, cool kids laugh & har-ss him
cuz… he was different a little
well more like alot, but locked in his mind was riddle
they couldn’t figure out
never followed the typical path, went a took a bigger
so they looking at him like dang,
who he think he is? why he can’t be plain
like us, boy you strange
keep to himself, people thinking he deranged
and or nerd
well he might be
talking nerd wise: blue dunks. anime prints on white
hypebeasts throw shade, he ain’t a slave
& he wouldn’t have it no other way…
not likely the life of the party
now they -ssuming he naughty

he’ll dance to beat of his own tune
follow them nah that’s something that he won’t do
so they taunt dude but he don’t care
you looking at a legend, please don’t stare!
freaky… freaky, freaky freaky, freaky you freaky,
freaky, freaky… wait!
freaky freaky fred is what they call him (what they call
know you wanna follow suit, then why you stalling (why
you stalling?)
everybody think he weird & so appalling (you appalling,
they just don’t understand him that’s why they call him
freaky, freaky fred!

(verse 2)
but he fresh & he know that,
old school like a kodak wanna go back
to the 90’s in a time machine
coolest idea i done seen.
they grouped us in a science project
little did i know, in best friends he was the top
who woulda guessed? been brothers every since
taught me what we gotta fight against
and how to choose individuality
it’s going outta style like originality
whole world fell victim to b-n-lity
do you know how many stars in the galaxy?
i said nah… he told me there’s millions
including us, ain’t no need to blend in like chameleons
in the building even when we outside
always be yourself, know it sound cliche but you can’t
what’s inside & besides, everybody looking clones
i replied like naruto i’m tryna be hokage
fiends taking breaks to the head like friday…
so don’t pay attention to the brainless,
tryna steal your joy & act like they stainless
living by the gun, guaranteed to die by it
if fred wrote a book, shoot i’ll buy it…
then he asked me, are you gonna lead the sheep stand
yo, see they already trapped our minds, are you gonna
let them take your soul?
better know for you plaxico, life short never know who
the next to go
so be the star in your circle like texaco, you the next
to blow
be exceptional! you know?

# skyblew

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