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pbg kemo lyrics – lesson learned

yeah, this gang sh-t, you feel me?
this “lesson learned,” you feel me?
n-gg-s gotta learn they lesson out here in these streets, man
n-gg-s can’t be doing what the f-ck they think they be doing
you hear me? take it easy

n-gg-s talking crazy, but won’t never bust a move
like he allergic to the gun, cause he never bust a tool
should’ve stayed your -ss in school
whole time, you wanted to hoop
now you playing with your life
on the book, don’t front your move
it ain’t hard just to get up with me, shorty, and it’s merched
i got n-gg-s that’ll walk up on you, all we do is lurk
n-gg-s arguing over bodies, like: “i smoked that n-gg- first!”
and lil’ hoes that set you up, just for some true’s and a purse
that’s petty, but it’s real on the pole, boy it’s cold here
if you ain’t in this sh-t for life, then you don’t belong here
i lost king pappy to this sh-t, so yeah, it’s on here
just like b-u, i swear, i think i lost my soul here
but don’t trip, don’t fall, don’t stumble
n-gg-s throwin’ up b’s, get stung like b-mble
where i’m from, ain’t no time to slip up, don’t fumble
n-gg-s always lying, but that’s only in the jungle
that’s f-ck sh-t!
boy, you lame as h-ll, on that tough sh-t
leave you where you stand, on that slumped sh-t
all i know is dump sh-t
goofy, you the victim, i’m the suspect
your wifey, she a d-nky, you a goofy cause you cuffed that
you fall in love with thotties and i fall in love with mollies
i be turned up out my body, on that savage sh-t like bobby shmurda
it’s a murder!
y’all winning? never heard of
since they took away mose deuce, all we know is turn up…
on the l’z, we ain’t thinking ’bout the dale
but we slidin’ on the hooks
boy, they know they sh-t a drill
ain’t no clickin’ up, i am what i am, so it’s f-ck n-gg-s
2 pap just told me, “trust yourself, and never trust n-gg-s!”
don’t look stupid when you see i won’t shake up with you
we ain’t cool, we ain’t homies, to me, you dust, n-gg-
fade away like mike, just fall back
cause if you get up out your body, then it’s all back
hollow tips to his face, what you call that?
got lil’ baby like, “i love you, with your tall -ss!”
and i’m knowing what it is, what it ain’t
dead n-gg-s got me fried, “d-mn, e.j., boy, you stink!”
n-gg-s f-cking with the oppositions, n-gg-s don’t think
until we pull up on ’em, make that chopper sing like tink
see me? i’ma go and f-ck with mamma off a tape
got her p-ssy wet, and it’s overflowing like a sink
make her thick, got her -ss straight poking out them jeans
now, all them bad hoes wanna come and join the team
but, you ain’t ’bout that life, so you can’t spend the night
and if you please your case, then you might have to fight
anyway, check the score!
pbg, boy, it’s a blowout
body count great, and sh-t we got the most clout
go on howard, and i’m vouching, it’s a ghost house
free spazz, dutty, shotty, please let my bros out!

gang, motherf-ckers already know how i’m coming
3 p’z the mixtape!

# pbg kemo

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