jaci velasquez lyrics – flower in the rain

flower in the rain

you are the one, there’s no one else
who lifts me up
and gives me water from the well
but there’s a hole
that seems to drain it all away
and once again i’m left in fear
and doubt
when all my strength is crying out

so here i am again
willing to be opened up and broken
like a flower in the rain
tell me what have i to do
to die and then be raised
to reach beyond the pain
like a flower in the rain

the evil wind it blows a storm
to rock my world
just when i think i’m safe and warm
i’m led astray far too easily
it’s always hard for me to say i’m wrong
until i know i can’t go on

[repeat chorus]

lord, you have searched me
and know when i sleep and when i rise
you’re familiar with all my ways
even the darkness will shine
like the day
when you look into my heart

[repeat chorus]

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