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d12 lyrics – bizarre (skit)

bizarre (skit)

man did you see that hoe with them big t-ties?

yo n-gg- what’s goin on fool?

whatup my n-gg-?

nuttin man, yo, this is my girl right here sind right here
sind this is bizarre i was tellin you about
that’s my n-gg-
yo look i’m bout to run in the store and get some forties and a coupla blunts
man you why dont you go to the store with me

[bizarre]all right

all right bet, i’ll be back in a little bit n-gg-

aight my n-gg-

so how long you been on eminem

eminem? sh-t i don’t know eminem, i’m just in town for this little jazz festival and sh-t
you know, something on the side
yo can i get you some sparkling water and sh-t?
you want some water?

no, no, no thanks

how about some pig feet

naw, i’m straight, i’m ready to smoke
d-mn, what’s takin the kuniva so long?

[bizarre farts]

no the f-ck you didn’t!

girl chill out that sh-t came from my soul
f-ck that sh-t you better out dead youknowwhatimsayin
and i want you to give me a little kiss though

[bizarre farts again]

a kiss? kiss you where?

all right i’m a tell you, i’m a tell you, i’ma tell you in your ear

[music stops]

on my booty

# d12

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