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b2k lyrics – b2k is hot (skit)

b2k is hot (skit)

so i’m sayin’ man
what we gonna do man?
we sittin’ up here all bored and everything
i mean what’s crakin’ 4 the night j boog?
i’m sayin’ what’s up

i don’t know but i tell u this i ain’t stayin’ in this house another minute

(4 real man)

yo i heard the skatin ring was crakin’ boog

the skatin’ ring? (yeah the skatin’ ring)
noooo see i ain’t feelin’ that

hey yo fizz what happen to the girl you was talkin’ about?

[b2k is hot beat on pager ringer]

oh this her right here
yeah she said its a party tonight at her crib

a what

oh boy 4 sho

yeah i’m sayin’ call rome tell him come scoop us up

no doubt

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